Neeyah, Notchless Willie and the Unconscious Mind

Creative Waters - The Unconscious Mind

” ‘Don’t remove the veil, Neeyah!’  The voice was like a sharp slap on a soft cheek. Neeyah saw no one.  Just like the last time, the harsh voice arose somewhere deep within her soul.  The voice frightened her.  She had no desire to remove the veil.  In this land, men, women, and children were all born with veils.  The veil acted like a thin membrane of protection around the delicacy of the flesh.  Removal of the veil was forbidden. Without the veil, you did not exist.”

Names, ideas, people reside in my mind.  They pop into my head at odd times.  “Don’t remove the veil, Neeyah,” appeared  as I stared out my kitchen window, watching the big oak bend in the wind.  Within a day, I sat down and wrote the above paragraph and four additional pages.   I haven’t finished the story, but I’m close.

“Notchless” appeared unbidden while I was driving  my car.  When I arrived home, I googled “notchless.”  I discovered  a “notchless triangular prism”; a “notchless CW hood”; and a “notchless gene.”  No enlightenment.  Other tasks called and  I moved on.

Two days later, I woke up and the first thing in my  brain: “Notchless Willie.”  I closed my eyes and saw “Notchless Willie” spelled out in white on a black banner.  What tiny piece of information or momentary vision did he spring from?  What to do with him?  I don’t have the answers yet, but they will come.  My unconscious mind leads me to the story if I keep the door open.


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