Dear America

Dear America,



Happy 236th, America!  I want to talk to you for a few minutes.

The last few years, I’ve thought quite a bit about what is wrong with you.  Today, I want to focus on what is right about you and what I love about you.

I love your open roads, mile after mile, across the most spectacular scenery in the world.




I love hometown restaurants serving a breakfast of country light biscuits, applewood bacon, and steaming cups of fresh coffee.

I love the soaring architecture of your cities, your bridges, and your skyscrapers and the brilliant minds that conceived them.

I love your parades, festivals, and events that bring communities together and help us understand one another.



I love that I can eat fresh, organic food from my local farmer.  I love the diversity of your cuisine: Vietnamese pho, Korean kalbi, burritos, burrata, Texas chili, cannellini beans, bok choy, pad Thai, mango sorbet, turkey drumsticks, and millions of other delectables.Image

I love that I can speak my mind.

I’ve done my share of teeth-gnashing over where America is going and gotten my dander up over countless dunderheaded decisions by folks I don’t agree with, but today, I’m most thankful for your persistent pursuit of your ideals.

You’ve always strived for freedom, the pursuit of happiness, and the absence of tyranny.  You and I both know, you haven’t always gotten it right, but what is important to me is that you always keep trying.  Happy Birthday.

P.S.  Here are some photos of you that you might enjoy.





2 responses to “Dear America

  1. Thank You for reminding US what July 4 is all about and reminding US why we should all take pause on July 4 and remember why we are lucky and remember all the lives that were lost so we could be here enjoying this day.

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