Summer rituals: The Sonoma County Fair

Fair time and summer are the perfect match.  The Sonoma County Fair rolls into town every year in late July. For scores of Sonoma County families, the fair is their number one summer ritual.  The Sonoma County Fair pays homage to the county’s deep agricultural roots.  The fair showcases the farmers, ranchers and dairy owners who dedicate their lives to the land.

The fair is also about fun, entertainment, eating, and a slew of other enjoyable activities.  Children who grew up attending the fair, now bring their children and grandchildren.  The fair’s format remains the same year after year.

The garden show is always a highlight.

Sonoma County Fair Flower Show

The design and selection of the flowers is elaborate and follows a theme.  This year it’s “Ports of Call” which is also reflected in beautifully crafted sand sculptures.

Sand sculpture

Scores of stomach-dropping rides abound.

Bluesmen are everywhere.

Mariachi bands and toe-tapping New Orleans style jazz play along.

Rolling around in a big plastic bubble on the water is a hit for the kids, and left many adults wishing for an adult sized bubble.

The best part of the fair, for many, is the fried, caloric, rich food, washed down with an icy cold brewski or a Sonoma County chard.

 Some rituals should never change.  See you next year at the Sonoma County Fair.

P.S.  People watching and picture taking top my fair favorites list. Just a few images from Sonoma County…send me shots from your local fair.

A different type of flower


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