Natural air-conditioning rocks

The sun pounds through the thin mesh of my Nike cap, scorching my scalp.  Warmth blossoms up from my core, and the pulsing blood rushes to my face, tinting my skin pink.  I hate the heat.

Hot weather from coast to coast.  Northern California’s turn now.  The San Francisco Bay area usually has temperate summers.  Our natural cooling system, the ephemeral fog, keeps our mornings and evenings cool.  This week, the dreaded high pressure system returns.  Acting like a Kryptonite shield, the fog’s chilly entry is foiled and we bake.

The only local area immune to the high pressure hold is the small coastal town of Bodega Bay, about a twenty minute drive from Santa Rosa.  One hundred degrees in Santa Rosa means seventy degrees or cooler in Bodega Bay.   If you love cool, you head to Bodega.

A massive cloud of dewy fog lumbers over the golden hills above a popular beach spot in Bodega.

Bodega Cool: A/C au naturel

Cool Bodega fog

The fog’s eerie beauty shrouds the marsh and the nearby golf course.

Fog shrouds golfers at Bodega Bay

Fog shrouds golfers in coolness

Colors pop as the fog moves sylph-like over the landscape.

Bodega Harbor Cool

Bodega Marsh

The sun and fog play  hide and seek.

Sun while fog hovers

Natural a/c

Bodega Blue

While the sun warms, the fog flitters and floats in a delicate ballet, waiting for the right wind to glide in and envelop the landscape again.

A/c coming

Morning’s cool fog hovers over color

Natural air-conditioning rocks.


2 responses to “Natural air-conditioning rocks

  1. Nice job, Donnagae, the only problem is you don’t know how to spell Bodega. For those of us who require the natural A/C, its called Bodegaaaaah:)

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