Playing with the Canon 7D

                                       “…[A] photograph [is] not an objective view but

                                              a series of choices.”  By Mary Werner Marien

My birthday was December 31st.  My husband surprised me with a Canon 7D camera.  For years, I’ve been using the Canon Rebel 350D.  Nothing wrong with the 350D, but the 7D feels like a Ferrari to me. The shutter whispers when I take a picture. Its heft translates into strong and reliable. I’m getting to know the 7D and it’s going to be a long courtship.


Photography makes me slow down, look, take my time. Taking photos started as a way to preserve my personal history. Over the last few years, photography has become my window to the world.

The 7D is now my new playmate.  The realization that I’m not going to master this camera in a day frees me to to lose myself in the moment, to focus completely on my surroundings, and to see the different textures, shapes, and colors in the natural world.

I take multiple exposures of each shot.  I play around with some of the photos in Photoshop changing the rotation, the colors, experimenting.  There is no right or wrong.

Each picture I take reflects my decisions on subject matter, camera settings, lens choice and other preferences. The results are uniquely my own, as is each photographer’s view on the world.