“One Lovely Blog Award”

unknown-2Kat McDaniel of Synkroniciti generously awarded  The Third Trimester of Life the “One Lovely Blog Award.”  This recognition by Kat is significant given her background as a creative artist.  She is a classically trained opera singer, a poet, and a writer.  She founded Synkroniciti, a venue for collaborative projects between “…artists of any discipline working in any medium.”  Among other topics, she blogs about creativity, exploring culture, and what inspires her, read here.

As part of the award, I need to reveal seven things about myself:

1.  I am a rabid Motown fan.

2.  I have taken two semesters in black and white photography (we develop our own film) and will complete the advanced class this fall semester.

3.  I grew up an Army brat and lived in Salzburg, Austria and Berlin, Germany as well as numerous places in the United States.

4.  I have kept journals since I was ten years old.

5.  I have run many marathons and one ultra-marathon.

6.  I love to hike in nature for peace, inspiration, and thinking.

Early summer shot of Spring Lake hills

Early summer shot of Spring Lake hills

7.  I enjoy my family and friends, but I like being alone as well.

In the spirit of “passing it on,” I recommend the following blogs:

  1. Cat in Water (online magazine/blog filled with creative posts on many different artistic mediums)
  2. Brian Cooney Photography
  3. Karen Lawrence Photography
  4. Leanne Cole Photography
  5. At Zoom
  6. McAlisterium
  7. Wide Angle Photography
  8. Clouds 365
  9. Chase Jarvis (photographer who blogs on many creative topics)
  10. Gnostic Bent (humor)

Thanks again, Kat for your kind words about my blog.